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SQL reps! | View More


Using the files provided([nba_season_2011-12.csv](https://trello.com/c/TP2JnY6Z) & [seeds.sql](https://trello.com/c/yqwvwlcp)) while working in the correct directory do the following: <br> Using the pwd command, find the path to your current working directory, copy the path, and paste it into seeds.sql on line 17 so it shoul...

Flacebook App | View More


sql DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS flacebook; CREATE DATABASE flacebook; \c facebook

For this activity we are going to create a file named facebook.sql. Whenever you are working on a project, it is important that you save your SQL so it can be executed later. Start your .sql file using the snippet above to do a hard-re...

Hangman with Functions | View More


Using Functions and Loops create the following functions:

  1. Create a function that takes a correctly guessed letter and returns a string that is the correct number of _ (underscores) with the new correct letter in the string. Example: 1.The function should be called like this: var newGuesses = setWord( currentGuesse...

Dino Digging! | View More

Someone has stolen our specimens and damaged our data! It's your job to help the team make sense of the data that's left, and help us reorganize.


You'll be working in your own code snippets for this assignment, but when you're done save your work in today's student directory in a file called dino-digging.js

Part 1 - F...

Ship Search | View More

```js var ships = [ { name: 'The Titanic', lost: 1912 }, { name: 'The Santa Maria', lost: 1492 }, { name: 'HMS Bounty', lost: 1790 }, { name: 'Old Ironsides', lost: null }, { name: 'Potemkin', lost: 1923 }, { name: 'USS Monitor', lost: 1862 }, { ...

Color and Type | View More

Hollywood Squares

> Let's make Hollywood Squares!

> * Begin by creating a new HTML document and CSS file > * Remove the margin from the body, html (Introduce multiple selectors) > * Create a &lt;header&gt; tag with the text “Hollywood Squares” > * Set header background-color: blue and color: white (refresh, review block-level eleme...

The Simpsons Bash | View More


Work in a /student directory. Create a new directory called homework where we will do all of the following work.

Simpsons Activity

The more practice you have working in the terminal manipulating files and directories the better!

Creating the scene

The Simpsons are your average American family living in Springfield. ...

Star Wars, the Command Line, and The Battle for the Fate of the Universe | View More

Working in the command line is a key skill to develop as a programmer. It's a big break from what you're used to, and practice makes (eventually) perfect. Let's explore the Star Wars narrative using the command line!

"A New Hope"

Act I

In your root directory create a directory called star_wars.

> Example answer: `mkdir st...

Get Selective | View More

Before we can apply styling to the elements in our HTML documents, we first have to know how to target or select those elements.


This is strictly a CSS exercise, so don't change the HTML. Download it here. Additionally, there are pre-written styles for this exercise. Don't alter them, ...

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Terminal | View More

A long time ago in a unix environment far, far away, there were many Jedi padawans who will learn to use the terminal and destroy the the Dark Side.

Follow the instructions below using all the console commands introduced in Fundamentals, class, or that you find on your own.

Set the Scene

  1. Open the Terminal app
  2. Change dire...

Point of Sales | View More

Create an interface for a cashier for a fictional restaurant.

STEP 1: The Menu

Before you get started on the UI, you should begin by collecting all of the items you intent to sell through your interface.

You may want to organize them into categories, such as "Soups", "Salads", "Beverages", etc.

```js var menu = { burgers: ["H...

Black Jack (21) | View More

Build a web version of the is the most widely played casino banking game in the world.

> Also known as twenty-one, Blackjack is a comparing card game between a player and dealer, meaning players compete against the dealer but not against other players. It is played with a deck of 52 cards.

STEP 1: The Deck

A useful strategy for rep...

Tic-Tac-Toe | View More

Build a web version of Tic-Tac-Toe for the Modern Age.

> Tic-Tac-Toe is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking open spaces on a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of the same marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line wins the game.

STEP 1: The Interface

You should start by bu...

JavaScript Drills! | View More

1. Pythagorean Theorem

Write a JavaScript statement that can solve the pythagorean theorem. Don't know it? Google might! :smile:

The program should use prompt() to get input from the user. And the answer should be returned through an alert().

The user flow should look something like this (except with prompt windows..)

> Wha...

Band Array | View More

Given the following array:

js var nirvana = [&#39;kurt cobain&#39;, &#39;aaron burckhard&#39;, &#39;krist novoselic&#39;]

  1. Replace Aaron with Dale Crover nirvana.splice(1, 1, &#39;dale crover&#39;);

  2. Replace Dale with Dave Foster nirvana.splice(1, 1, &#39;dave foster&#39;);

  3. Replace Dave with Chad Channing `nirvana.splice(1, 1, 'chad chann...

Let's Math! | View More



<br> While this may seem trivial to some, a basic understanding of mathematics is very important in order to be a successful developer. Either solve the following equations or using basic math operators (,),^,*,/,+,-,=,&gt;,&lt; make ...

Javascript Loops and Conditionals | View More



  1. In the d03-javascript/student directory, make a directory called star-wars. Make the assignment files in that directory.
  2. Save your changes using git often! Use git add ... and git commit -m &quot;...&quot; after you finish each part. This means that whenever you submit your homework, you will send us your m...

Iterator Exercises | View More

  1. Car Specs

Part A > Construct an Key-Value Object with the following attributes and you choose the values: Brand, Model, Price, Style

Part B Use for in iterator to nicely print the information for the your car as such ``` ===== My Car ===== Brand: Tesla Model: Model S Price: $80,000 Style: Spor...

LOTR in jQuery | View More

Use our knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript Timers to build a self-governing version of The Lord of the Rings, complete with soundtrack.


``` js // An example of using setTimeout to call makeMiddleEarth after 2 seconds. setTimeout(makeMiddleEarth, 2000)

var makeMiddleEarth = function() { // Create a section tag with an id of m...

99 Bottles of Juice | View More

Create a page that prints the lyrics to 99 bottles of juice on the wall verse by verse, printing a new verse every 2 seconds.


  1. How does markup get turned into something visual?
  2. What would happen if I typed $(&#39;p.muffins&#39;).css(&#39;color&#39;, &#39;blue&#39;)
  3. Describe the following code in your own words:

```javascript var...

Forum | View More

Overview of Forum.app

Jake loves discussion amongst his friends, but he wants a way to keep it organized. He wants his own forum.

Project Details

Necessary features

A basic implementation of this project must include:

  1. Jake wants his friends to be able to discuss things by topics. Users should be able to create top...

Wiki | View More

Overview of Wiki.app

Henrietta is a business magnate and wants to create a internally facing wiki for her organization. She wants her employees to be able to write articles in order to inform colleagues about their insights.

Project Details

Necessary features

A basic implementation of this project must include:

  1. Al...

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority | View More

A JavaScript Data Structures Lab

You will be creating a program that models a simplified version of the New York City subway system's midtown local trains. You know you're in WDI when you've done the MTA lab!


The Problem

  1. There are 3 subway lines:
    • The N line has the following stops: Times Square, 34th...

Bookish CRUD | View More

You've been tasked with building a three-model Rails CRUD App that allows bookish types to track their favorite authors' books and characters.

The Spec

The model specs are as follows:

An Author has many books and characters (through books), as well as the following attributes: name, born_on, died_on, gender, `has_pseudo...

Straight CURDin' | View More

Part 1: Setup

Create a new Rails app using the following command:

bash rails new straight_curdin -d postgresql -T --skip-turbolinks

Now to set up your database of cheeses

To create the database, run:

rake db:create

To create a table of cheeses, you need to run:

rails generate migration CreateCheeses


Clocks!!!! | View More

Today you are going to build a clock!

Start by planning! Draw a clock, break down the problem.

Work in clock.js, and test your work in index.html. Download the basic HTML & CSS files here.

In clock js, you're going to write a method called clock().

Then you're going to register an event listener...

Her Majesty's Secret Service | View More

You'll be writing code using iterator methods ( .map,select, etc) to sort through the data in bond_data.rb

Create a file bond_data.rb with the data below: ``` ruby bond_films = [ { "title" => "Skyfall", "year" => 2012, "actor" => "Daniel Craig", "gross" => "$1,108,561,008" }, { "title" => "Thunderball", "year" => 1...

Sinatra Calculator | View More

Built a calculator App with Sinatra. Using parameters, the app should calculate the value and render it in the browser.

Warning: Need Sinatra Gem


| Sample Path | Info On Page | | ----------- | ------------ | | /calc/add/3/4 | Sum: 7.0 | | /calc/add/89/21 | Sum: 110.0 | | ...

Ruby Reps!!! | View More


Work in a work folder. Each part will task you with writing code in its own ruby file. The filename will be given to you at the beginning of each step. You can run each file in bash by typing ruby filename.rb

Part 1 - Body Mass Index (BMI)

File name: bmi_calculator.rb

Write a program that:

  1. Prints to Stand...

Pick-Me-Up | View More

You have been tasked with creating your own version of Emergency Compliment, except with WDI-themed compliments. When a user visits the site, they should be greeted with a WDI-themed compliment to cheer them up.

Warning: Need Sinatra Gem

Useful Rsources

[Sinatra Docs](http://www.sinatrarb.com...

Star Stalker | View More

Star Stalker is a fan site dedicated to stars of all kinds, both living and dead. You'll have a database, and a Sinatra server. This exercise will help you bridge the gap between front-end and backend, making you all full stack developers.

Warning: Need Sinatra


The Server

Create a star_stalker directory, add the f...

1000 Reps | View More



Files: index.html, reps.js

Work in today's homework folder. Write your functions in reps.js, and load it into index.html. When your page is loaded in browser, simply call your functions in the JavaScript console(cmd+option+j).

Round 0

Write a function lengths that accepts a single parameter as an ar...

Key Translator | View More

The Premise

Sometimes we say "press command option L" and we have to write out the whole word - which is tiresome. Your computer conveniently has nice icons for those words. Wouldn't it be great if you had an app that translated for you? Luckily, you're a web developer, so you can build that! Tonight you are going to build a single page ...